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EV 8 Upgrade

Starting to upgrade my test lab from EV 2007 to EV 8.0 SP2 and the deployment scanner is complaining about some SQL server version issues.  I have one EV 2007 server and one DA 2007 server that are using a SQL 2000 server, and the scanner is saying that a SQL 2005 SP2 server is needed for DA 8.

Question 1: Can I run separate versions of SQL for EV (2000) and DA (2005)?

Question 2: My DA 2007 database is currently on SQL 2000.  Is there a process for moving that over to a SQL 2005 server?

2 Replies

Question 1: Not

Question 1: Not sure...
Question 2: See:


Quadrotech - EV Migration and Office 365 Solutions, creators of Archive Shuttle.

Question 1 = no


You need the Vault databases that are being searched (in general journal's first) to be on 2005 minimum.

Regards. Gertjan