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EV 9.0.2 Vault Store location was accidently switched. Can we switch the location back?

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EV 9.0.2 Vault Store location was accidently switched.  We had one of our Vault Store partition pointed at a network share via a mount point.  Somehow this mountpoint was disconnected and the sytem created a folder in the same exact location with the same name and now has wrote 10 GB of email to the folder. 

We can remount the mount point.   But, what do we do with the 10 GB of email that was written to the folder? Can we just drop the files in the correct network folder?  We need to make sure that old email that was vaulted before this inadvertant change and the new email that has been archived to this folder all go back into the network share and Vault is aware of the email and who it belongs to.


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Technically it should work. You should be able to access the archived emails if you copy all files to the correct location in the right vault store partition location. You can give it a try and if it doesn't work, log a case with support. Just keep a backup of the new folder in case it doesn't work.


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I agree with Virgil. As long as the path to the folder doesn't change, you should have no issues. I would stop the EV services, at least the storage service. Mount, move/copy the folder, start service(s). VErify eventlog does not give you errors on 'storage location not found'.

Regards. Gertjan

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I've tried this in the past, and it does work.

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