EV 9 - Recommended Stripe Size for Raid 10 array



We are going to set up our EV 9 server, which holds 8 X 500 MB disks.

We are thinking of creating Raid 10 array, but we are not sure about the stripe size.

Our implementation will server ~250 users, with a total of 350 GB curtently in the stores, + 350 GB in psts that we'll archive with EV.

We'll also add in Email journaling, which will add to necessary STG.


I find it hard to finf information about recommended stripe site for our Raid 10. Should we go for a small size like 16K as emails are usually pretty small (in order to avoid wate of space), or sometinhg biger like 64k ? What yould be teh average write size for EV ?


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Unfortunatly no hard and fast

Unfortunatly no hard and fast rule here and I dont think Performance testing has been surrounding this to give a bench mark. 

Personally I would probably go for the 64K, as 16K may be a little tight for DVSSP files etc and larger I believe would probably give you a slightly less risk of a performance hit.


Space loss

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Thx for your comment. My worry here is what couls be the loss of space using 64K stripes if we get a lot of small files ? I'm just worried we could run out...




For email I would suggest the

For email I would suggest the 16K block size. for File Archiving set the Block size to 64K


This changes if you plan on using collections. If using Collections for email and FSA then stick with 64K for all


Using the 16K will minimize

Using the 16K will minimize the loss of storage capacity.  A large number of items to be stored will be below the 16K size.  Using the larger sector size would cause a significant portion of the storge to be wasted.  Using collections would minimize the loss, but depending on the age at which you do collections you would still have a very large number of smaller files stored on 64k sectors and would be losing storage capacity.  Performance on vault store partitions is not of particular significance (hence we can use slower SATA drives for vault store partitions) so the perceived improvement of using larger sector sizes would be negligable at best.