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EV Archive Permissions

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Hi all

I'm looking for the easiest way to achieve the below:

This is for File System Archiving on EV 12 for a single folder on a Windows 2012 file server.

I have created a folder on the file server called 'Archive Me' into which various users will add folders to be archived. I've configured EV to auto create an archive for each top level folder within the 'Archive' folder. 

What I need to happen is that the archive created for each folder will only be accessible by a particular group of users and not by the users who add the content into the 'Archive Me' folder.

So, prior to being archived all users have permissions on the folders they drop into the 'Archive Me' folder, but once once the archive is completed only one Windows group will then have access to the archive. There will be no placeholders created for the archived files but I just want to make sure the users aren't able to user the search interface to access the files.

hope that makes sense and any ideas would be greatly accpeted



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you can remove access to an archive by editing permissions under:

Archives>>Mailssystem>ArchiveName>right click - Properties >Permissions

so you can explicitly deny access for users for example.