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EV Archive / Search in OWA through Sophos UTM

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We recently migrated from TMG Firewall to Sophos UTM and I cannot figure out how to get archive explorer and evault search to work in OWA for external users with the Sophos. There were some very specific guidelines provided for the TMG from Symantec/Veritas, but I cannot find anything useful for the Sophos UTM firewall.

I did see a post (closed) that referenced this issue, but the resolution was unclear to me.

We are on Exch 2010 and Evault 10.3.

Does anyone have this working?




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i dont know the sophos terminology but you might want to reach out to them and ask how to do it. use the TMG config as a reference and say this is how we did it before.

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Hi Dglasgow,


Please see the following link for a list of ports used by EV


What errors are you getting from the client side?

Did you make any changes to IIS?


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So we are much closer. I have managed to use the EnterpriseVault_ExternalWebAppURL and EnterpriseVault_ExternalIPAddresses on the CAS, along with a "site path routing" and binding a certificate to IIS at the evault side, to get it working.

Only thing not functioning now is the Search Vault option. I can access it directly with

but when I try to click the button in evault, it just doesn't do anything.