EV Buttons missing in OWA


I have a customer which is testing EV for Exchange.

EV buttons are missing from OWA !

I am running :

  • EV12.1
  • Exchange 2010 SP1


No error are generated in EV logs (dtrace and log files from EV CAS Extensions)

Thanks for any kind of help !

Best regards !

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Re: EV Buttons missing in OWA

Do you mean the Search button, or the Archive/Restore ones?

The latter can be found by right clicking on individual items in the list, assuming everything has been configured correctly.

Note that they are not present when clicking on a conversation, just on individual items, so turn off conversation view, or expand the conversation.

Re: EV Buttons missing in OWA


Have you followed the steps as outlined in Configuring Exchange Archiving manual, chapter 10?

Regards. Gertjan

Re: EV Buttons missing in OWA

To add, also ensure the client is access OWA in normal mode (not Light mode). No EV buttons will be displayed in Light mode.


Re: EV Buttons missing in OWA

In addition to what the others said - Please make sure that you view OWA in compatibility view. Not doing so could as well cause missing search buttons in OWA.



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