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EV Client inactive or disable

Hi all,

As we deployed evclient(version 11) through the SSCM on outlook 2007/10/13 versions (x86 & x64). And as per the  requirement we are started the mailbox enbaling. But as we observe most the client shows in an inactive or disabled mode. So we have to active or enbale evclient manually most of the time.
Is there any other way to avoid this kind of manual task? 
And How can we receive a flag after deployment through SSCM to know if the client is in inactive or disable mode?

Thank you!!!


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Re: EV Client inactive or disable

We use Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 and EVClient 11.

Thank you!

Re: EV Client inactive or disable

When you launch Outlook, the EV client looks for a hidden message in the user's mailbox. if they arent enabled for archiving in EV, the Outlook add-in wont be enabled in outlook. the also requires that the user re-launch Outlook after being enabled.

Hi AndrewB Thank you for

Hi AndrewB

Thank you for quick response but what do you mean by "if they aren't enabled for archiving in EV, the Outlook add-in won't be enabled in outlook"? Because all mailboxes are enabled for archiving in EV.

Re: EV Client inactive or disable


what exactly do you mean by 'client is disabled'? do you mean the Enterprise Vault Add-In is disabled? Or do you mean the user is disabled for archiving?

In general, you have provisioning to have users get archiving policies. In your provisioning group, there is a checkbox that states 'archive mailboxes in this provisioning group' (tab General), and one called 'automatically enable mailboxes' (tab Archiving defaults). you need to have both selected.

In addition to this, the mailbox of the user needs to be synchronized for the settings to be known in the mailbox.

You can check a user by opening the EV console, expand targets. rightclick Exchange, select 'show policies assigned to mailboxes' (or whatever it is called). Have all of the Exchange servers inthere selected, then key in the lastname of the user you want to check. click search. that should show the user, the assigned provisioning group, and the policies the user has.

When that is ok, you can (in the consola again) click the 'enable mailbox' icon, select th exchangeserver that has the mailbox, key in the name, and see if that brins up the user. If it does, he is not enabled for archiving. If it does not show the name, the user is enabled (rough check).


As for the add-in not being enabled, that might be related to the way it is installed. You can try to perform the following:

On the affected workstation, first have the user close Outlook. when closed, browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\EVClient\x64 and run resetevclient.exe

If that throws an error, you might want to do it using an administrator account.

when done, open Outlook again, the add-in should now be enabled.

Users might have to close/open  outlook to have the client enabled after it has been installed.


Regards. Gertjan

Hello GertJanA, I go to

Hello GertJanA,

I go to explain you, for example in an existant Provisionning group I add a new user, I re-run Exchange Provisionning Task and I do enable and synchronize his mailbox. I run Archiving task only on this mailbox and everything works fine in mailbox archiving report. And now I install EV Add-In on the computer of this user. Finally, we close and open outlook but the EV tab is missing in Outlook. So when we go in Option -> Add-In, Enterprise vault add-In is in Inactive Application Add-Ins.

But you have to know that I used SSCM to deploy EV add-In on 50 computers and I saw this issue on 13 Computers. So I want to avoid any manual actions because I have to deploy it on 2578 computers.