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EV & Encryption

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from Symantec PDF:

Encrypted email
Enterprise Vault provides native integration with Microsoft®
Rights Management Services and other email encryption
technologies, including PGP Universal Gateway Email from
Symantec, so encrypted messages that need to be archived
are decrypted and indexed, applying the necessary retention
policies. This also allows encrypted messages to be searched
and retrieved in the event of litigation or regulatory
So - for my understanding, if I'm using encryption software on users mails, when archived - they will be decrypted and indexed.
And if a user left the company - I will not need his ADK or any other keys in order to search the archived items and retrieve them.
Could I get a confirmation on this?

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That is correct, otherwise nothing could be indexed and those items would be unsearchable.
But just to be absolutely clear, this isnt for every encryption program ever, you might need plugins for other encryption software

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What is still not clear to me is the following:

Let's suppose that an organization is using Symantec end-to-end email encryption (where the emails are encrypted and decrypted at the endpoint) and they also have implemented Symantec EV as the archiving solution.

What happens with these encrypted emails as far as it concerns archiving?

Can they be indexed? Are they searchable through EV?

Are there specific encryption requirements in relation with archiving?

In my understanding, we need to enforce an ADK as a "master" key, so that emails are also encrypted with it in case an employee decides to leave the organization and we want to recover his emails.




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We found out that in order to work with the PGP and EV I will need to install the Adapter for Secure Messaging and Rights Management.

After configuring, we upload an ADK we create so that EV will be able to decrypt items.


BUT - I need to understand, as customer is strict on security.
Once EV used the ADK to decrypt and archive the item - is it staying encrypted on EV side? or once it was decrypted it is not encrypted anymore?



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Hi Sarah, The readme doc states that decrypted messages will stay decrypted when stored in EV.. Regards, Jeff