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EV Exchange Mailbox Migration and SynchInMigration

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What are the options when reconciling EV archives against migrated mailboxes when a new LegacyExchangeDN attribute is generated for the target mail-enabled user?

We're going to migrate mailboxes from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 but the LegacyExchangeDN will not be retained as part of the migration. I undertsand the the Synchinmigration option uses the LegacyMbxDN to map the users new mailbx with their existing archive. If this isn't possible can it be done through SQL DB manipulation?

As there is less that 200 mailboxes it might not be too much of a task to make changes in SQL - I'm looking for options on the best way to do this but want to avoid third party tools if I can.

many thanks in advance


Level 6
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IIRC the first thing that EV looks for is the mailbox GUID not the legacy DN.

As long as that don't change you should be good to go without issues.

Not sure if it has changed since I last looked at this but the GUID should not change unless you migrate the users/mailboxes to a different forrest.

Must admit though that it was (by IT standards) a long time since I tried it.


The synchinmigration option main function was to reconnect a mailbox which had a different GUID but the same LegacyDN.

E.g. the user was deleted by misstake and recreated, then the mailbox would get a new GUID (as it's a new mailbox) but the user got the same LegacyMbxDN as before.


But it should be fairly easy for you to test your particular scenario.

Migrate a test user with an archive to the new server, run provisioning and archive tasks to see if everything still works.