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EV Exchange feature enquiry

Level 2

EV Exchange can be customized to exclude the archive all subfolders under In box. Would like to ask whether EV 12.1 can perform the following :
1. Only achieve the first level of folders under IN box through GUI
2. If one know the names of all subfolders, KB 100016636 ( ) mention the way provided one know the subfolder names. My question is whether there is any simpler way to achieve the same purpose ? One cannot know that for all users.



Level 4

Currently there is no way to perform that without EVPM imo.

With EVPM, you can set applytosubfolders=true so this will be valid for all content underneath the inbox. so you don't need all foldernames.

You could provide the "Full Client" in the desktop policiy, so the users could exclude folders from archiving by their own. However, not a proper solution.


Maybe there are some plans to replace EVPM with the EV Powershell in future. I would appreciate that, because I think EVPM is no longer developed further.

Thank you for your info. Do you mean Veritas Enterprise Vault™ Utilities Policy Manager for EVPM ? If yes, one can still find it in EV12.1 at 12.1 is still an version under support.

Is there any Veritas announcement or implcations in any publications which mention this utility will be withdrawn from subsequent release of EV ? Thanks again.

Sorry, just discovered your previous post is to include all subfolders. The question is to exclude. I am thinking of the scenario of only arhive

1. All emails directly under InBox     and

2. Emails under first level of folders under InBox. Exclude the second and third levels if exist

Is it feasible ? If yes, how to implement that ? Thanks again.

That isn't possible.

If you knew the name of every folder, and they already existed you would set the do not archive flag, using EVPM.

But .. chances are they don't already exist, and users can create new ones.


Just out of interest, why is this a requirement? It seems very strange.

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