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EV FSA: LUN's free space after archiving


Kindly, I need to know how to benefit from the remaining free space of a LUN after archiving it.

My EV FSA Environment is:

EV 12.5 targetting three Fileserver: dfs1 - dfs2 - dfs3.

Number of LUNs per Fileserver = 8 LUNs.

Size of each LUN = 3TB.


After archiving, the free space per LUN will be around 2TB (free space of all LUNs = 8 LUNs * 3 FSs * 2TB = 48 TB).

so actually I will have around 48 TB free space on my Fileserver's storage that is reserved.


Please advise the best practice in order to benefit from this free space.

thanks in advance,

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Re: EV FSA: LUN's free space after archiving


I am not sure what you are asking? Do you want to remove storage? Do you want to use it for something else? Are you checking if it is 'rolling use'? (meaning, you archive large items, then new items are stored, which are archived, then new items come etc.).


Regards. Gertjan