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EV FSA placeholder behaviour

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I think this is hopefully quite a simple question but I just want to make sure my understanding of FSA placeholder behaviour is correct - this is for an EV 12.x environment.

A user has a home directory which is archived by EV and so consists of a bunch of folders most of which have placeholders within them. Users drag folders around within their home directories quite regularly as a lot of this is project based work that relates to the phase of the project. Consequently the placeholders are often no longer under the same path as there were when initially archived.

Is it still the case that EV still doesn't update when placeholders are moved within the same archivepoint?

If the above is correct - Does the user need to look somewhere different when browsing their archive to when browsing their home drive for the same file?

When a user opens and modifies a placeholder that had been moved to a new folder what does EV do when this file is then re-archived - Is the file is then archived in the correct location (until the time it might be moved again) but what happens to the reference to the original file it had (does EV now reflect the change in location?).