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EV IMAP - Only Top Level Folders Visible in Outlook 2016 for MAC

Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified

Hello everyone,

I've been running an IMAP pilot for Mac users with Outlook 2016.  The intention here is to have functionality like Virtual Vault so that we can get rid of the shortcuts in their mailboxes.

I've been able to set IMAP up successfully and we can create profiles in the pilot Outlook clients.  However, we're seeing an issue that seems to be particular to Outlook 2016 for Mac where only the top-level folders show up in the IMAP profile.  Digging deeper, we've found that the Outlook client will only automatically subscribe to those top-level folders, and the user must manually subscribe to subfolders if they want to see them.

I've spent the past two days looking for an option where all folders would be subscribed to by default, but I have had no luck thus far.  Does anyone know of a setting or hack that would force Outlook 2016 for Mac to subcribe to all folders in an IMAP profile by default?

Thanks for any help!