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EV NB Agent

i configured enterprise vault netbackup agent for backup process.
i follow the EV NB agent administrotor guide and applied all of the steps.
after configuration , tried a manuel test backup.
i have 2 server one of ev application and other one is sql.
*in the nb policy we need to add both of them in client tab?(for a guide just evserver client is enough!)
*i added ;

after start a manul backup it cretes apporoximately 30-35 stream-jobs it is too high value on NB!. it is normal process for this agent?
then i checked the sql server stream-jobs failed in activity monitor and most of the evserver jobs are finished succesfully and left ones are running still now.
why sql dir db,mon-db is failed?
and my last question ,i checked my journal queue now ,they are too many items in queue so system in read only state(agent automatically done this operation i think.)what is this process details what values are changed and how can i back to the system read and write?


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You can change EV components

You can change EV components to "Backup Mode", have a look at the Admin Guide for details on how to do that.  Once in Backup Mode essentially new stuff won't be archived - so don't leave EV in backup mode for long periods of time.

Which version of SQL, NBU and EV are you using?
Working for

agent automatically do

backup mode is done by NB EV agent .
sql 2005 ,ev 8.0 sp2 ,NBU 6.5.5 
are there anyone use this agent for ev backups in this forum?
i applied all of the steps but from the upper selections ,sql db 's are failed ev server jobs finished succesfully.,
i dont know why sql server ev dbs failed .

Some success

What status codes are your SQL jobs failing with?  I'm having issues with the vault store db's not working when I backup the open partitions, but the monitoring and directory databases work fine.

You need to make sure your EV server has access to the SQL server in the client host properties.  Also make sure both the EV server and SQL server are using the EV service account.  That info should be under the client properties under Windows Client -> Enterprise Vault.

yes you are right, NB EV

yes you are right,
NB EV agent is not working on vault store DB.
other sections are finished,same situation i think.
i also entered evservice account in NB policy EV tab with password.

i tried many times with many different senarios.sometimes it is finished with 26 server handshake error and sometimes 112 no files...
how did you solve your problem?

i think, noone use NB EV

i think, noone use NB EV agent in this forum, so i'll open a  case to symantec..

We use it and it was a pain to setup

If you plan on using the Vault Service account to backup both EV and the SQL databases, then the Vault Service account needs the following permissions in SQL in order for the EV NBU Directives to backup SQL databases:

Any logon that requires permissions to perform backup or restore operations should be provided membership in the following SQL Server roles:

Server Role : sysadmin
DB role : db_backupoperator, dbo_owner
Permissions required for performing restore -
Server role : sysadmin, dbcreator
DB role : db_owner

Document ID: 278882

In addition, make sure your SQL databases are in Full mode and not simple for Backup.


all of the permissions are also set.

these are requirements of ev installation and configuration of backup.
evadmin is full rights on sql server.
any idea?