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EV OWA issues

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I am having issues with accessing archived items via OWA. This used to work up until the past few days. The icons show up in OWA, but the toolbar no longer does. When I click on an archived item I get this message...

The archived item is currently unavailable.
If you choose reply or forward, only the content shown below will be included.
Click here to preview the original item.
When I click where it tells me to I get a new popup windows that gives me a link and says
This Web site may not be trusted and may be used to collect personal information, such as your user name and password. Are you sure that you want to continue to I click yes and then I get a
Page cannot be displayed

  • Error Code: 403 Forbidden. The server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Contact the server administrator. (12202)

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    OK so first things first, if you open up Computer Management then expand out Services and Applications then go to Message Queueing then Private Queues, do you have a Storage Restore queue listed there?

    quickest thing maybe to delete the Storage Service and recreate it

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    No, I don't have that queue. When I try to delete the storage service it won't let me. It says the service cannot be removed at the moment because it has data associated with it. If you do not want the data delete it and then you can remove the service. Sounds scary....

    Level 6

    You misunderstood Dennis, look for MSMQ's not actual services, open this:

    Computer Management, then expand

    Services and Applications, then

    Message Queueing, then

    Private queues

    Level 4
    Partner Accredited

    I did look for MSMQs and the one in question wasn't there. The previous post suggested deleting and recreating the storage service; I assume to recreate all of the queues.