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EV Outlook Add-In could not establish a connection to your Exchange Mailbox

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On Citrix, for one of our customers, some of the users are getting a popup box when they are starting up Outlook.

I have searched the forums and found a single thread about this error message, but it was not solved:

Their clients used Windows 7 and Outlook 2010, while our customer is using Outlook 2013.

The setup is:

Exchange 2010

Enterprise Vault

Client (Citrix):

Windows 7

Outlook 2013

Enterprise Vault Plugin 10.0.13378

We will need to do a major upgrade later this year, as it is required for Exchange 2016. But right now this is really annoying the users. So I am wondering if there is a known root cause for this issue. Or anything we can do to stop this box from appearing while we prepare for upgrade.

I got the client team to fetch some logs for us, using the article at , but we only got 30 seconds of logs. So we might have done something wrong. Are there anything we should look after in the logs, when we manage to produce more than 30 seconds?


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Have you checked this article:


Did read it now. But it does not seem to be related. Though interesting that the support for Citrix is somewhat limited. I will register a case to see if support can help me out.