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EV Outlook add-in consumes high CPU and grows working memory without bound

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The EV Outlook add-in occasionally goes into a loop in which it consumes high amounts of CPU, and causes the Outlook working memory to grow without bound until Outlook stops responding. When this happens, the following message is written to the EV client log file every 1-3 ms:

"CONTENT:BUILD: Content cache entire download started."

From that derailed state, the EV client can be brought back into normal function by manually starting a synchronization. CPU usage then drops immediately, and synchronization completes in a couple of seconds. In most cases the EV client then continues to work normally until the next time you start Outlook, when the problem reappears.

Here is my configuration:

Enterprise Vault Client (Light functionality enabled)
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit
Outlook version [16.0.9126.2116]
EV Server version 12.2

Has anybody seen this problem, and/or knows of a fix?


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I would check and ensure no AV or other endpoint security tool is scanning or monitoring the Vault Cache folder. By the way, the Vault Cache folder should be excluded in your antivirus as per the best practices.