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EV Servers in a Remote Office

I'm in the middle of an EV 7.5 SP5 implementation at a customer and had a design question. The plan is to have to two EV servers, one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast. The East Coast is the bigger site, Exchange wise, so we started the install there. The East Coast has the directory database.

Is it possible to install the server on the West Coast into the same Vault site as the East Coast so that we can easily share policies, ease administration and configuration, etc? Or is this not advisable based on the WAN links between the sites? I realize that we can connect to the directory DB remotely, but use local SQL servers for the Vault Stores. The two locations connect over VPN's, one site has a 100 meg link, the other a 45 meg.

Thanks in advance!
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I think with this link speed

I think with this link speed it shouldn't be any problem of doing it like you describe. As you say, keep the vault store databases close to the EV servers, and a central directory db. Cheers Michel

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Should be more than fine.  I

Should be more than fine. 

I did and role out of a 33,000 site with 6,000 users in Dublin with the Directory DB in Tuscan on a 20MB line and the latency sucked, 800ms. 3,000 uses in India with a 900ms latency

It all comes down to the setup really, but if you want to achieve this I would say do this:

EVWC – EV Server (Vault Store for WC)
EVEC – EV Server (Vault Store for EC & Directory)

If your local WC line cannot handle all the SQL traffic, you can install a local SQL server and move the WC VSDB on there. Leaving you with one Directory Database, and central management.

I would highly stay away from two separate installs I.E. two Directory Databsese, turns admin into a nightmare.