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EV Syncronization failed

Level 4


Can someone please help me to resolve the below issues

 2 users  in my environment they are getting Syncronization failed(Vault cache syncronization please find screen attached with this post). Could you please let me know how to proceed to resolve the issue.when i try from server end by running syncronization for that specific archives it was success. Please give me some insight how to proceed with this issue.


2) We are in EV i am seeing 41369 error related to indexing whenever i am restarting EV index service. Can i proceed with the steps mentioned in below article  will it cause any issue with respect to EV 11 environment?

Also i would like to know we are using EV which means EV 11 CHF1? .


Level 6

1.  On the failed sync, looks like it's probably a connectivity issue.  Can the users connect to the EV Web search from that same machine?

2.  On the indexing issue, this is not uncommon and yes you can perform the steps and generally resolve the issues.  We use this process occassionally to refresh and the indexing processes.

Level 4



EV web search we have some issues for all the users. I am seeing  below DCOM error

The application-specific permission settings do not grant Remote Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID
 and APPID

for this error there is an public artcle


coming to point 1) I don't think so its an client connectivity issue. When i tried with my profile it works fine with out any issues. So far we had only 3 users reported for this issue.

We are currently using which is  EV 11.0 CHF1?