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EV Vault store New Partition not backed up

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I've got an alert on my EV site with event id '41008', after checking it seems the vault store [Partition1] transitioned to the closed state, and [Partition2] is now in the open state; from NB I added [Partition2] for backup nevertheless the storage queue still got safety copies and checking the backup tab on [Partition2] it shows, and it still scanning [Partition1]

last item secured: No backup detected

last scan started: Never started

Event id 41008:

There are xxxx savesets that have not yet been backed up or replicated for Vault Store.


How to fix it to ensure the backup is in place for the new vault store partition.

Should I create an empty text file 'IgnoreArchiveBitTrigger.txt' under [Partition2]?

Thank you in advance for your valued counsel.



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You probably wouldn't want to use the IgnoreArchiveBitTrigger file until the backup successfully complete.

I've already triggered a full backup of the partition but still, the storage queue was not cleared so what do you suggest I should do?

why the backup script was not updated automatically to take care of the newly opened partition?


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If you used the triggerfile for the first partition, you will also need to use that for the second one.

Why do you expect the backupscript to be updated automatically? 

Regards. Gertjan

ok, I created an empty trigger file under the second partition and configured that partition for backup however something still missing when the backup is running the trigger file is not updating for the second partition and the "last scan started" is not updating as well?

what do you think is still missing?

also, I noticed in the NB job, for [Partition2], I got this:

bpbkar not using change journal data for <X:\Mailbox\Partition2>: not configured for use.

not using change journal data for enumeration but will use it for change detection.



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Hi again.

I wrote an article on LI about this (see this )

The IgnoreArchiveBitTrigger.txt file will only change into .old after you have set and cleared backup mode on the Vault Store. Using the triggerfile only works if you specified that on the properties of the partition your use.

Highlevel: Set backup mode on Vault Store, backup data, set triggerfile, clear backup mode from vault store. 

I am not an NBU expert, so you might need to ask the NBU admin, or perhaps check the manual.

Regards. Gertjan

I applied this workaround and the newly opened partition was scanned, but how to make it automatically work with the NetBackup agent c it's still scanning the closed partition only!!

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Hello again,

It must be a NBU configuration.

I would call support, to see if they can assist.



Regards. Gertjan