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EV Web Seach Index update frequency after upgrade to 12.3

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last week we upgraded from EV 12.2 to EV 12.3.1

Since then I notice that the web index is not updating frequently anymore. Before the update Emails have been shown in the Web Search after a few minutes. Now its only reflecting hours later.

Comparing this with a manual synch to the Virtual Vault I can see the Emails are archived but simply not reflecting in web search Index.

Any hint on the setting that has to be adjusted to have web search reflect mails also more recently ?




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Hi Andy,

It is possible that the server is very loaded and the indexing takes a bit more to complete. If it is a VM, try to increase the resources and check if it helps.


Hi Virgil,

the VM does not have much load (and not more as usual before the update)

To me this looks like the Web index is not updating frequently as before.

How is the Web Index Update being controlled internally ? 





Checking with Index Volume Browser on my own Index for example, I see it updated last time at 4:25, 3 hours ago

If I would force an Index Task to update manually and run Index Administration Task it would be up to date again. So I assume there is a setting internally to be changed to have it updated more frequently ?