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EV and Netbackup

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I wonder if anyone can shed some light on the issue that we have regarding EV and the latest Netbackup version


Recently we have upgraded Netbackup to 7.6 and our storage team tried to introduce a few new features in the latest version of Netbackup ( including API and accelerator) and since then it has caused so many problems on the EV server during and after backup process.


We have one EV server (10.0.4), exchange 2007 and we use Netbackup to backup EV data. We archive emails and file server. we use the usual open partition with the use of archive attribute and using after backup for the removal of safety copies. We also have about 10 drives that contains closed partitions and some of these drives have very little space left.


The current problem that we have are:

The backup takes so long especially when we do full back (which backs up all the drives closed and open partitions).

Despite of the backup is completed the vault store sees no backup have taken place. So the file archive attribute is not taken out and consequently we end up with thousands of items awaiting backup.

During the backup process the EV server is hammered and runs of memory and do loads of paging. Reboot fixes this.


After time the new version of the Netbackup generated so much of temp and tracking files that fills the drive where EV installed and this crashed EV a few times.


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NBU 7.6 is supported on 10.0.3 or later, so you're ok on that.

Is your EV server clustered using VCS? If it is, it is NOT supported. Anyway. I would log a call at symantec NBU support.


Regards. Gertjan

Level 5

Hi Gertjan,


EV server is not clustered.