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EV deletion of Journal Vault Store

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I have EV10 on two EV virtual machines. The first VM does user mailbox archiving and the second VM archives the journal mailbox. Both servers use internal drives for the Vault Stores and Indexes etc.

There is a single vault store group and the sharing is set to share within group.

As the journal mailbox will archive immediately and the user mailbox policy is set to archive after the item is 6 months old the journal vault store partition grows fast and is quite big and the user mailbox vault store partition remains quite small. I guess this is mainly due to the single instancing not needing to archive all the components of the user mailbox item as it's already in the journal vault store.

So - the we no longer need to archive our journal mailbox (as it's now done in the cloud) but want to continue with the user mailbox archiving. I want to decommission the journal EV server and remove the Journal vault store.

If I delete the vault store does EV have the intelligence to automatically determine what data it needs to still be able to piece together the user arhcived items and copy this data to the mailbox vault store partition before it completes the deletion activity? Or maybe this would need to be done by running EVSVR?

Or can I just simply not delete the journal Vault Store?

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what solution are you using for journaling in the cloud?

did you migrate all the historical data from your EV journal archive to your cloud solution?

you can't decom your EV journal server without doing something about the journal vault store. like you said, you have a large amount of OSIS going on between the journal data and mailbox data. what if you left the journal server in place, closed the partitions, and deleted the journal archiving tasks?

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Thanks Andrew - sorry for the late reply

Answer is yes to the historical journal data all being exported into the cloud so no data loss there.

I don't really want to leave the EV journal server in place as it's physical and using rack space and power that I would rather not have running. I'm in the process or virtualising the mailbox server so could virtualise the journal server too.... or I could move the journal vault store to the mailbox server and so have a single server solution. But ideally I just wanted to end up without a journal vault store and have only data i requred (and this would include the deletion of data from the journal vault store that I no longer need to service the mailbox user requests) within the single Mailbox vault store.

I thought EV might be able to handle this be the OSIS detecting that it still needs DV files that are about to be deleted and moving them to the mailbox vault store. Can I assume that your offering of alternative solutions means this isn't possible?

kind regards