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EV - email stuck in journal mailbox.

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We use Journal arching only. Every day we receive around 20 SAME emails in the Journal mailbox to various recepients. these emails are 1mb each. these get stuck in the inbox. the EV stops processing these emails and after a few hours the journal mailbox fills up. Once i delete these mails or move them to the deleted folder, archiving start again normally.


So, fo one email, i copied the email to the desktop and tehn copied it back to the mailbox and that seem to work. But when i did the same for 20 emails, they are stuck in the mailbox.


Any help or pointers to a alternate solutions is greatly appreciated. thanks. 


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As you established which mails, try to determine a common issue with them.

Do they have ole-objects?

Are they from the same sender. to the same receiver?

Are they encrypted/signed/otherwise 'edited'?

Are they perhaps scanned by an AV-application (exclude journalmbx from av-scan!)

Any special messageclass?

Strange characters?


Regards. Gertjan