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EV icons not appearing on the toolbar

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I have read several posts on this board and the web but none have described my exact situation hence I am starting a new thread.
For more than a day I have been attempting to make the Enterprise Vault add-in for Outlook work on a test Citrix server. For what ever reason, I cannot see any icons on the toolbar. I am not seeing any errors reported on the client, the server or in any of the logs.
I have 7.5.10054 of the EV add-in deployed on Outlook 2003 SP2, on a Windows 2003 Standard Ed SP2 server running Citrix PS4.0 Enterprise Ed.
I have tried several recommended fixes, none of them have worked though.
I have run the ResetEVClient.exe whilst in a Citrix session (but Outlook was closed).
I have copied Outlvbs.dll from my workstation to the Citrix server (both use Outlook 2003 SP2).
I have verified that the Valkyrie DLL is not disabled under the disabled items section of Outlook About.
Could it be because we are using a mandatory profile as part of the flexible profile framework? No user profile files are resaved at logoff except for a few registry settings to an ops file on a network share.
I believe we have the add-in working on workstation installs with no special changes made to the Office install.
I am out of ideas and time somewhat since I have being working on this for over a day now. I need help.

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I found this TechNote that discusses roaming profiles and no toolbar icons.

This may help you with your problem:

Enterprise Vault (EV) Clients with Roaming Profiles - General Issues with Buttons and Viewing Archived Mail

If not then check the permissions of the registry keys and sub-keys below to ensure they include Users with Read access.


If you still do not see the Outlook toolbar for Enterprise Vault then copy these two registry keys from a workstation with the same version of Outlook as the Citrix clients


Level 2
Thanks for the info. After I applied the two reg hacks, a user confirmed that he could see the icons in his Outlook toolbar inside a Citrix session.