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EV mail archiving policy

Hello All,

     I am Using the EV 8.0 and I have one requirment for Ev Mail archiving.

Presently in the setup all emails older than 15 days are archived on FC Storage on a NTFS volume

But now I want it to change to the following :

We need to setup a policy for archiving mails:

1. Older than 15 days mails archived in FC storage

2. 30 days older mail archived in SAS storage

3. 60 Days older than mail auto archived in TAPE Library

Please let me know how can I configure this in my present environment.




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You can only do two levels of

You can only do two levels of storage,unfortunately However I cannot recommend tape backup, don't do it As for the storage, you would have to archive all items to a specific storage type and then after a certain amount of time it would then move it to tertiary storage, you wouldn't be able to archive items at the same time to different storage types

Thanks JesusWept2 for your

Thanks JesusWept2 for your valuable reply.

        So do u mean that the above configuration is not possible in EV ? & also is it like first I need to archive all items on NAS storage and then manually have to move it SAS after 30 days ?


Nope, what i'm saying is, say

Nope, what i'm saying is, say you have two items, one thats 01/01/2010 and one thats 01/24/2011
There's no way for EV to say the one thats from 01/24/11 should be archived to a fiber-channel connected storaged, and the one thats from 01/01/2010 should go on a SAS or NAS or whatever other device you'd want to use.

They'd both have to go to the same location, which would be the primary vault store, you can then set up EV to "migrate" items to tertiary storage (typically larger but slower storage) after X amount of it can migrate, but all items have to go to the primary location first then get migrated.....

You can do this type of

You can do this type of tiering with, for example, Netbackup.


Items collected by EV, after a period of time, can be migrated to Netbackup, and then I believe Netbackup can tier stuff off there to tape over time.


However you have to consider the poor end user.  They open something that is more than 60 days .. it's going to take a LIFETIME to recall that item.

Working for

You can only do two tiers

You can only do two tiers though, primary and secondary, you cannot do to a third store
And also netbackup can do disk based backups for these, but which is why i pre-faced the original response with dont use tape, its awful

Thanks All For your

Thanks All For your replay.

 JesusWept2 Can u  provide me the details that how can i configure EV to migrate the items in the primary vault store to tertiary Storage.