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EV migration from EV10.4 to EV12 in different site.

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Hi all,

I'm doing some research around an EV migration from EV10.4+Exchange2007 to EV12+Exchange2013 in a different site.

My understanding of the process at this point for migrating mailboxes is:

1. Disable EV10.4 archiving on the source Exchange07 mailbox.

2. Migrate the Exchange07 mailbox to Exchange13

3. Setup and enable a new EV archive in the new EV12 environment for the migrated Exchange13 mailbox.

At this point the mailbox is migrated to the new environment and is archiving to the new EV12 environment, however stubs are pointing to the old EV10.4 archives and can still be accessed by migrated mailboxes/users?

I can then slowly perform the archive migration for the migrated mailboxes without impacting the users?

4. Move the archives using the EV10.4 move archives function which supports moving archives to a new site and updating the stubs so that they now point to the new location in EV12.

5. Remove the old archives from EV10.4 when migrations are completed.


Moving the Journal?

Not sure what to do here as the move archive function doesn't work with journals, can I just do an export from EV10.4 to pst and then an import to EV12 or is there no option except for using a 3rd party tool?


Any guidance/corrections/advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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The built-in Archive Export doesn't recreate the journal envelope, so not sure that would work for you.  You would want to consult with legal and test it before you commit to using it.  I would be happy to discuss if you like, just drop me a PM.

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Hi Tony,

Thanks for replying.

Yeah, if there is no other solution but a third party tool for the Journal migration then we either leave it where it is or get the tool, would be really interested to know if there is any other possible option though?

Did the mailbox archive move process make sense from a technical perspective?

Also, when moving mailbox archives, is the data reindexed in the new EV site? and is there any issue with moving mailbox archives which have both 32 and 64bit indexes from EV10.4 to EV12 in a new site?




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According to the Move Archive doc it *should* work, although it hasn't been updated to include EV 12.  You will just need to test it. The Indexes in the source shouldn't come into play.  

You might find that the process is labor intensive.

As for the journal, your options are limited to PST export or third-party, AFAIK.