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EV migration to O365?

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Hi, this may or maynot be the correct location to post this, apologies if not. We have a legacy Enterprise Vault system for which responsibility has been handed to a new Team. • Enterprise vault consists of 3 servers. o EV01 o EVDA01 o EVSQL01 • All of which are running Windows 2008 and includes SQL 2008. • It is used as a data repository for archived emails There is a need to migrate from it's current SAN based platform and move the email archive to the O365 environment. I have scanned the articles on this site but have found nothing that would help us plan this migration. Could anyone point me in the right direction please. Thanks, Rob


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Hi Rob,

Does this article contain the information you are looking for?




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Hey Rob,

Depending on the scope and complexity you will likely want to work with a trusted Veritas partner and third party software to migrate your data to your desired target. Your env does not look huge, but based on the limited info provided it does seem that you have at least one Journal archive and have leveraged legal discovery. If the Jouranl data is in scope, you will want to consider your options carefully as there is no ecological equiv to a journal mailbox in o365. I am the Product Owner for one of the leading migration solutions and if you want to even talk to us to sort though this challenge feel free to reach out.