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EV prompting for credentials on some emails but not others

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So this is an odd one. The problem would be simple if it prompted on every email, I've been through the 12 troubleshooting steps already listed and they all check out.

He is attempting to access archived emails in a public folder, I've tried it with several other users and none of them have issues opening the same email without a credential prompt.

So in short: help :(


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The main cause for this would be that the shortcut is pointing to an item in an archive to which this user does not have access.

I'm not sure how it works for a shortuct in a public folder, but here is how you can determine the archive the shortcut points to for a mailitem. Perhaps it works the same for PF. It is a while, so my steps might not be accurate, but you'll get the idea.

In Outlook, make sure you have the EV icons in the toolbar, and the inbox open (or the folder where the shortcuts are). Select a shortcut. Press CTRL+SHIFT, then click an EV Icon in the toolbar.

That should give a popup window. There should be something like properties. open that. Somewhere in that overview there should be a section called Item Properties. Look there at the archive-id. Copy it.

Open EV, expand to Archives. If you are on EV11 or higher, rightclick, find archive. Paste the archive-id click enter. then verify the user has access to that archive.

If EV10 or lower, press CTRL+SHIFT, then righclick archives. find archive.


Regards. Gertjan