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EV reports “Warning: quota not achieved

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EV reports shows “Warning: quota not achieved EV reports shows “Warning: quota not achieved” under archiving status for many users Our setup has age and quota based policy (age based is 60 days and quota bases is 70 % When I check the mailbox quota for these users in Exchange it is below 70% ,but not sure why its generating warning report. I have also noticed that Quota status is show showing as OVER in the EV report ( ex-120.5 MB over ), what does it mean Here is what I see - one of the user status Warning: quota not achieved Age and quota 142 (7.13 MB) 14/01/2016 18:46 0 1691 (154.9 MB) 54 (1.78 MB) 120.5 MB Over Any help on this is much appreciated

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the quota based policy in EV refers to % of free space in the mailbox based on the storage limit. you might want to revisit your settings since it doesn't make sense to try to archive so much unless your mailbox sizes are tiny and your users fill them up every day.