EV requires authentication to access attachments

Currently, if some of our users try to access mail through Outlook which has been archived to EV and has an attachment, they are asked to enter a username and password.  If they cancel this box, the email is returned wiothout the attachment.  If they enter their domain username and password, the email and attachment comes back.

This has only just started happening, and is not happening for all users.  Previously, when users double clicked on a mail in Outlook that has been archived, it was opened like any other mail, with no request for user authentication.

Does anyone have any ideas why this has started happening?  We are using Exchange 2007, Outlook 2007 and EV 2007.

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Sounds like an IIS thing. 

Sounds like an IIS thing.  Has anything changed on the Enterprise Vault virtual directory in IIS? Is this still set to Integrated Authentication? Any proxy servers in use? Does the issue occur when these are removed from IE?

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Ihave the same problem, I

Ihave the same problem, I have referred to the article by Symantec to resolve this error, there does not seem any solution.

I have the same problem, I

I have the same problem, I just discovered that when a put a proxy server in IE settings works ok, but all other users do not need to put the proxy server to open an archived item.


Maybe an IE issue?  Try

Maybe an IE issue?  Try lowering the security level for local intranet zone in Your Internet Explorer. (Enterprise Vault servers should be in Your Local Intranet zone)