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EV shortcut language


Is it possible to change language support in shortcut body? The thing is that norwegian language characters in shortcut body gets all messed up when EV creates shortcuts after archiving.

EV ver 12


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Re: EV shortcut language


I am not sure you can. Norwegian is not in the languages available for EV shortcut. In theory, the messagebody is the shortcutbody. There might be something amiss with a specific setting in regards to the shortcut, but I am not aware where to look. You might want to open a case at Veritas, so they can investigate and assist.

Regards. Gertjan

Re: EV shortcut language


That's possible, you can check in Enterprise Vault install folder you must have a folder "Languages", inside you can find :
- the customs forms used by Outlook in the "forms" folder
- some samples of messages that Enterprise Vault can automaticaly send at your users when you enable their maibox for archiving for exemple, in the "Mailbox Messages" ... for use them, make juste a copy at the root of Enterprise Vault install folder, don't forget to customize them, but don't change the name of the file
- some samples of shortcut message in the folder "ShortcutText" by languages, you can make a copy at the root of Enterprise Vault install folder and after customize it ... but only your new shortcuts will use this file.




Re: EV shortcut language

As far as I remember "ShortcutText" is the text  that states that the mail is archived.

I think what is needed here is the body text of the shortcut. First 100 /1000 letters