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EV v9 Filesystem Recovery. "name of the directory machine cannot be blank"

Level 3

Cannot recover files on 1 server out of a farm of 9. The other 8 all use the same EV server and supporting database.

We find the error message "The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryConnection object reported an error. The name of the directory machine cannot be blank."

Really not sure what to do here, we recently pulled GBs of data from archive on the same file server...

EV server checked out fine, as it supports the other 8 file servers. The database supporting EV checks out fine too.

Only thing we can think of is to remove the EV client from the file server, and then reinstall.


Level 6

That error often indicates a problem with the SiteID stored in the Windows Registry. On your FSA target file servers, this should be a REG_SZ under


I might check that value on your non-working file server and compare it to those of your working file servers.

If that doesn't yield anything suspicious, then you'll need to elaborate on how you're trying to retrieve the files. Are these placeholder retrievals? FSAUtility.exe? Something else? What you need to dtrace depends on what's trying to retrieve the files.