EV with EMC ECS/Elastic Cloud Storage/ViPR CAS

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone heard that Veritas had ever confirmed that EV don't need backup when it writes to devices via the Streamer API?

The device we are planning to use called EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), formely known as ViPR CAS. It is supported by EV according to compatibility charts but we could not find any description how the backup/safety copy process works for these devices.

We asked EMC and their response is a bit vague which is understandable - they don't really need to know how EV handles its backup requirements.

Any document from Veritas, whitepaper or technote will do.

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Re: EV with EMC ECS/Elastic Cloud Storage/ViPR CAS

Hello Mouse,

I cannot explain how it technically works, but I know it works.

(highlighting, if you already know, apologies)

When configuring EV, you create a Vault Store Group, a Vault Store and then Vault Store Partitions. If you select the storage for the VSP, you can select numerous things (EMC as example). Depending on what you select, EV 'knows' how the items are backed up. Using NTFS, you rely on the archving bit or the triggerfile. In my case, because we use an EMC too, I select Centera, enter the ipadrress(es), and point the the pea file. Becuase I selected EMC, I have theoption in the backup tab to set the scan interval.

If you look at the VSP properties, backup tab, when selected EMC, you see:

EV checks that EMC Centera partition replication has taken place when the vault store is taken out of backup mode, and when the storage service restarts. Additionally, you can set a partition scan interval to check for replication, if required.

That last one is what we use.

EMC replicates the blobs to the replica Centera. the Centera then marks the original blob as 'replicated', whch EV knows to interpret as 'backed up and secured'.


that's it.

I don't know if there is Veritas documentation on this.

you can try this one: https://www.veritas.com/community/blogs/best-practice-white-paper-using-ev-emc-centera



Regards. Gertjan

Re: EV with EMC ECS/Elastic Cloud Storage/ViPR CAS

Hi Gertjan, thanks for the info provided. We have a handful of Centeras among our customers so we are fairly familiar with its behaviour.

However, I would like to highlight that ECS is not a Centera CAS device although it has a limited implementation of Centera CAS API, it's been qualified by Veritas as an EV Streamer API device, not as a Centera CAS-compatible device.

Given the above, my original question still stands: have Veritas ever published a document that explains how the safety copy mechanism works with devices that use the EV Streamer API?