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EV10 - Deleted items waiting to be deleted from indexes

Level 4

We have a number of records in our JournalDelete table in the Mailbox Archive Vault Store DB that are not getting purged. I've looked through past posts for this matter, but nothing has matched or helped.

There are 11 specific mailbox archives that are associated with the entries in the table.  I have verified that no indexes are failed.  I ran a Synchronize task against all 11, but this did not correct any situations.  Aside from this, other elements of the system are working fine.

A dtrace of the StorageDelete and IndexServer processes did not yield any information.  Support is refusing to help us, since 10.0.4 is past its standard support life.

I would appreciate any assistance or suggestions from the community.



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I'm seeing the same (albeit in EV11.0.1). Did you have a look at THIS KB article?

Check the compatanility setting of SQL (just to be sure), and use the mentioned dtrace to see if it is actually expiring. It might be an option to rebuild the index of one of the archives, just to be sure it is not an index issue which is not showing in the index check.

Do you have the possibility to upgrade EV itself (even if only to EV11.0.1 CHF5)?

Regards. Gertjan