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EV10 FSA manually delete items from vault store based on some criteria

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Is there any way in EV10 FSA to manually find and delete items from vault store based on certain criteria?

  • Customer wants to find (and maybe delete) items from vault store that no longer has placeholder shortcuts in file system
  • Customer wants to find (and maybe delete) files are X years old that haven’t been accessed for a specified time period.

Is that something possible?

EV Settings below

Retention period - Forever

Storage Expiry - None

On Delete placeholder - Retain archived files

Many Thanks


Level 6
Partner Accredited

Hmmm, there wouldn't be any easy way, I guess if you are trying to save space in your primary storage then probably best option is to enable collection for items older than X many years. Then use migration to migrate those collected files to secondary slow storage for items that are X many years old.

Level 6
Partner Accredited

I can run FSAUtility in report mode which gives me a report file where the Utility need to recreate the shortcuts.

However how can I BULK DELETE those files from archive that are found in report file?

I know we can manually find that file and delete, but that would be a nightmere for thousands of files.

If we change the policy to "On Delete Placeholder" -> "Delete archived item" then would it delete any existing items where placeholder was deleted before setting this policy? Probaly not?

Maybe if there is a utility that can take all inputs from FSAUtility report where a placeholder needs to be recreated for a file then bulk delete those items from archive?