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EV10 and Outlook 2016 on Win10 - anyone know what doesn't work?

Level 6

Hi there,

We're preparing a test image of Outlook 2016 on Win10. Unfortunately, we only have EV10 and we're a little busy right now to upgrade to EV11 or EV12.

Has anyone tried Outlook 2016 with the EV11 add-in against an EV10 server? If so, did the minimum features work please? Did it do any damage to the server?! We're only interested in straight archiving and restoring, plus the Archive Explorer. No cached mode, virtual vault, IMAP access, etc.

Thanks a *lot* in advance for any help,

- Alan.


Level 4


Normally the EV Add-in is supported in +1/-1; it means that if you have the EV Server 10.0.x still you can have use the EV Add-in for EV 11.0.x (+1) and also EV 9.0.x (-1) (with supported Outlook or OS)

Having said that, you're trying to use 'Outlook 2016' which according to the SCL requires both EV Server and EV Client to be at least at 11.0.1 CHF4, this is from the SCL

'f. Requires Enterprise Vault server and Outlook Add-In 11.0.1 Cumulative Hotfix 4 or later.'

In addition Windows 10 does not seems to be supported if the EV Server is at 10.0.x


PS: It's not really a matter of 'knowing what does not work' in my opinion, when you're out of the supportability you might have unexpected results (it might work, it might not work or might work randomly; something I wouldn't reccomend in production).