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EV11.0.1 SCOM EVWebsiteConnectivity.monitor error

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Hello all,

We use SCOM to monitor our EV environment, and we see on one of our installs the following alert:


Full Path Name:\servername\Common\Server connectivity\

Alert Monitor: EVWebsiteConnectivity.Monitor

Created: 20/04/2015 11:24:48

Alert Description: Cannot connect to website on server evservername.

Website URL:

There are no events in the eventlogs (Enterprise Vault, System, Application). There are no issues reported using the search, There are no other issues reported.

Does anyone know if this warning is a false alert? I do not see a reason to investigate or try to fix, but the SCOM team worries there is something wrong what needs to be fixed.


this environment has been upgraded from 10SP4CHF2 to EV11SP1CHF1 on 18/04/2015 without issues.




Regards. Gertjan

Level 2

did you ever find a resolution to this issue? my EV sites are using SSL enforced and i understand that that is the reason. Are you also enforcing SSL for your sites?

Runing OpsMgr16 and running into the same issue. Have tried removing and re-importing the Veritas EV Management pack but with no success. I can always disable the EVWebsiteConnectivity.Monitor and re-create the sites myself but there shoud be no reason why the MP wouldn't be able ot discover the sites using HTTPS binding.

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Hello Mayan,

If I recall correct, we disabled that monitor. As it alerted for the API, which is not in use on the EV servers back then, we considered the alert to be noise, and disabled it.

Regards. Gertjan

Thanks GertjanA. I will be doing the same but will be setting up the sites using a Transacton monitor to reflect status, along with some other metrics for a EV dashboard.