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EV11.0.4 | 2008 R2 -----> EV12.0 | Server 2012

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Hi there,

We are currently running 11.0.1CHF4 on 2008 R2 and want to upgrade to EV12.

Ive seen the OS pre req is Server 2012, is there a decent upgrade guide to go from 11 to 12 across the 2 operating systems?

Im guessing the route is to provision a new 2012 server install and then move the data over. Sounds easy! Can anyone point me in the direciton of some guidance notes?



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Here you can find the instructions:


Enterprise Vault server Settings Migration Wizard

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Thanks for that! Can you confirm what the SQL requirements are, in terms of version? 

Cant seem to find in the Install guide the minimum SQL version.

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Hi you need atleast SQl 2012 x64!!

Check out the compatibility chart.


you could restore the complete environment (sql+ev) to win 2008 R2 and then upgrade to win 2012


Install the new server as a second EV server (move any tasks and paths to the new server) and take the old server offline. And then upgrade EV to version 12.


I would prefer solution 2.

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I like the sound of Option 2 also.

So create a new 2012 server, but install the current 11.0.1chf4 on that, move over the settings and data, then upgrade to EV12?

The problem i think with that is my current SQL version on Live is 2008 R2 so how would i cater for this, where would that step be in the plan?


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Not sure if i should start a new thread for this, the migration Wizard craetes the settings package to import on the target server.


How do i move the actual VSG & Indexes? Is there a wizard for that or is it a case of doing a basic file copy over, ensuring the direcotrs structuers are the same?


Im installing EV12 on a new 2012 server with a new SQL2013 x64 install. Do i move the data over after the i run the import from the Migration wizard? SOmrthign just doesnt seem to add up, how do i populate the SQL side of things?