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EV11 Directory on localhost - add DR server not possible

Hello all,

The joy of taking over old environments.

I have 1 EV server in a domain called, EV 11 is installed, and running. Opening Console shows "Directory on Localhost". Server has an alias in same domain.

A new server was build called An alias is made for this in EV was installed on

When trying to add the to the site, using the configuration wizard, after filling in the ' use existing directory', the wizard chews on this a while, and then comes back with the next screen, NOT showing any site to be selectable.

I tried using a hosts file pointing to the alias for, but that did not help. I can ping that server using the FQDN and the ip-address. The alias obviously does not work.

Is it not showing the site in the config wizard because EV on shows 'directory on localhost'? Should I have the server moved in the domain before adding? Or should I perhaps have an alias created in th domain, pointing to the server?

The goal is to switch ev from to, and then be able to decom (eventually) that domain.



Thanks, GJ


Regards. Gertjan