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EV11 - Get Trained Up

If you haven't had time to catch up on the new EV11 features then the following links will help, we've just published a bunch of useful videos on the Symantec TV Channel, these are not just product feature videos, they’re deeper educational ones which I’m sure you’ll find useful as you prepare for your EV11 upgrade or just want to understand why upgrading to EV11 is such a great idea.

If you want a more general update on EV11 then a great starting point this release overview webcast

If you want more documentation then check out this EV11 Downloads Post

And finally - if you want to get involved in beta activity and see what we have planned for later in the year with EV11.0.1 then you can still sign up to take part in beta programme - read this post for more information.


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great info Glenn! i love

great info Glenn! i love these posts.