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EV11 - PendingArchive/PendingArchive Part

Level 1

Hello all, I have a legacy EV11 environment that I've inherited and most of the journal mailboxes have messages that are marked either EnterpriseVault PendingArchive, or EnterpriseVault PendingArchive Part. From what i can see, most if not all of the messages have attachments of varying sizes from a few kb up to mutiple MB. 

I've verified the journal mailboxes are in sync, and the task jobs are running. There is available space in the vault stores. Nothing in the event logs seem to be related.

Thanks for any input!


Level 6

It would be unusual for journal archiving to wait on backups in order to remove the pending items; usually that configuration is used for mailbox archiving, but journal mailboxes get the pending items removed right away due to their greater volume.

I'd check your Exchange Journal Policy and look at the Advanced tab for the "pending shortcut timeout" setting. This is the number of days that the task will allow items to wait around in pending state. Set it to something like 3, and then any items that get stranded in pending status for over 3 days will just get reverted back to normal messages and processed again by the Journal Archiving Task. Unless you see this happening to a large number of items, it's usually easier just to back them out and retry them like this, than to figure out what went wrong with each item.



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DUH!  Chris is correct, I had a brainfart there for a minute.  :)