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EV11 Search Slow to Open

We did an upgrade from EV 10 SP3 to EV11.0.1 CHF4 (Windows 2008R2 Datacentre).  I have enabled the new search for myself.  When I first click Seach Vaults in the EV ribbon (EV11 CHF4 Outlook addin, with Outlook 2013) it takes 3 mins to open, then is fine (a few secs) until the next day when is slow again.  I can replicate this by recycling the EVOnlineWebSearch application pool, and clicking Search Vaults again.  I get the same issue in my test environment. 

I logged a case with Vertias support who could not replcate this issue and have advised to reinstall EV. 

Before I do this, has anyone seen it before?


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Re: EV11 Search Slow to Open

Refer to the below article

Re: EV11 Search Slow to Open

Check the prerequistes of EV Search since it is a new search that requires some consideration.



Re: EV11 Search Slow to Open

Could you please provide capture DTrace of w3wp while the search page takes time to open.