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EV11 - Years old items not archiving

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I have recently taken over management of our EVault setup for my company.  I'm having an issue where wach journaling mailbox has around 1000 itmes from up to 5 years ago that are jsut not backed up.  They aren' tin the failed folders, they are just in the inbox.  I can't seem to get them to backup to the vault.  We have a new vault partition for every year and the old years are closed, but even when they were open, I couldn't get them to backup.  Any ideas or tips?


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Hey there. 


By "back up" I think you are refering to they cannot be added to the archive. 

EV will log some event at the point of these being archived which will tell you more as to why it is failing to do so. It could be that you need to collect more logging (via DTrace or BackTrace) to determine what is the root cause. Failed items typically are moved (per Journaling policy) to a failed item folder. Dragging and dropping until they "fail" while DTracing Applicable services (Storage Archive, Journaling task, storage online opns, whatever is failing in the event viewer, maybe more) to a log file will likely produce the root cause and likely a KB showing why. You are on a dated version by today's standards and issues were naturally fixed.... so you may find you need to upgrade. Alternatively, you can keep them in your mailbox or consider trying to import them into the archive if you really want them there. I would test importing though as it may result in the content being ingested differently than natively imported content and may impact search results. 


I hope this helps. 




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Been there, done that :)

There will always be messages that do not archive. I had several Journal Mailboxes having this, and I took below actions.

Create a new Journal Mailbox. Configure EV to archive from that mailbox (create a new task), to the same archive (or a new one). Change journal rule in Exchange to use the new Journal Mailbox. Verify items arrive into the new journal mailbox, then verify it archives items which come in.

Restart the task processing the old journal mailbox. Verify eventlog for events on this task/mailbox. It might be you see messages stating items cannot be archived, and cannot be moved to the 'failed' folders, and will be marked (are marked) as "do not journal". If you do see that, create a registry key: HKLM\Wow6432Node\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Agents DWORD ClearDoNotJournal value 1 when set, restart EV Services. Check to see if items are archived from that old mailbox. If not, change the value to 0, then restart services again.

Then remove the old Journal Mailbox from EV. Export the old Journal Mailbox to PST. Create a shared archive (as you cannot import into a Journal Archive...), in the same Vault Store as where your Journal Archives are. Import the PST file into the shared archive. If correct, all items will be imported.

Then you can delete the items from the old Journal Mailbox, or remove that alltogether.


Regards. Gertjan