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EV11 - indexing running behind? Check this

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Hello all,

I've been working on an issue we had the last few weeks, where the VAC reported 'items waiting to be indexed', and where the count went up day by day.

While working with support, and in this forum, I also accidentally found an KB article of Symantec, describing hanging searches on DA/CA. As these use the indexes, I read the article.

The article mentions that a specific Microsoft Update can cause issues with certain programms (TSM, SEP) and affects ASP, .Net and IIS.

Hm... Indexing uses these too.

We initially left archiving tasks in reportmode, to allow indexing to cactch up, ran dtraces etc. No succes. Support advised we might need to reinstall the indexing binaries. I decided to first have the updated MS Update applied.

After having that update applied, and the EV-servers rebooted, indexing catched up. The VAC now shows "No problems detected".

Information can be found here:

The Symantec article:

The updated MS KB article:

I hope this assists some of you in figuring out in resolving the issue (if you encounter this)



Regards. Gertjan

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Hi Gertjan,

Great find and thanks for sharing.

I've been facing the same issue and been working with support since December 4th (!) then I, not support, found your posts. I installed the KB and saw instant results.

I'd like to know if you saw this issue on your Hitachi HCP system? I have 4 systems and depite the same patching only see the issue on the system with the Hitachi HCP storage.


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At the time, I did not have an HCP attached to EV. It was mere W2008R2, EV11.0.3, DAS storage.

You might want to have a read on this: It describes indexing running behind when using an HCP.

As written, I stumbled accross the document for CA/DA, which led me to believe that might also work for EV. As CA/DA use the indexes quite heavily, that was a 90% hunch. And, as the original MS KB was updated, can't hurt to apply it. I also had support investigating, to no avail. Or I was quicker in finding a solution, not sure. If you have now your indexing working again, I would definitely try to direct support to investigate the above Veritas KB, and see if that resolves the issue.

Glad the entry helped somone!


Regards. Gertjan