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EV12 mail app failes loading the first time its accessed

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We have build a EV12 environment from stratch and implented split DNS for accessing the Outlook Mail app internally and externally.

Lets name the URL

- The version EV is on @2012R2

- Exchange 2013 CU11 on 2012R2

- Outlook 2013 with all updates.

If we login to OWA and open the mail app, it loads without any delay or error

If we login to Windows, open Outlook, open random email, click on the Enterprise Mail App bar, the app says "loading" and after 2 seconds, the app failes to load, "initialization failed"

If we open an other email and click the app, the app loads successfully and all functions work until the user logs in again.

We have added the url EV.domain.local to IE Intranet sites.

What is causing this error.....timing?





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i'm not saying it's the definitive cause but CU11 is not supported with EV 12. with EV 11, however, it required a very specific update which was released on dec 14 2015 and may have not made it into the EV 12 code base.