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EV8 Powershell

Currently we're just simply stopping all EV services and grabbing a backup of the vault stores, indexes, and databases.  Because we are using snapshot technology to do the backups it hasn't been much of a problem, but we have heard a few complaints over the last few months about people's archived items not being available due to this process.  We run our EV backups from a central scheduling server, and I'd like to utilize the new backup modes available in EV8.  However, my question is how can I do this from a remote computer?

I have a batch file on the EV server that will set and clear the backup modes, but not sure how to do this remotely.  Is there a way to install just the EV cmdlets for Poweshell on the remote server, or am I overlooking something obvious?
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HI, Generally customers have


Generally customers have the batchfiles locally on the EV server, these contain the powershell commands and the backup job has a pre and post script section so they are executed as needed.  Are there any such settings that can be applied to you snapshooting ?

Some backup software will push out the scripts so you don't have to have them on the EV server.

What snapshot technology are you using ? what are your vault stores set to immediate or after backup ?


From My understanding

From My understanding the CMDlets have to be ON THE EV Server. The Command can be remotely executed (like Paul mentioned in his post).
Nevertheless your BackupUser has to have the rights to administer the EV Site (i.e. make him PowerAdmin in the Authorization Manager).
Other than that if you are on a 2008 Server the Security is much more restricted since you can not remotely execute comands (.bat .cmd) that are not trusted/signed. You would have to Configure the ServerOS to let the Backupsoftware remotely execute the commands.



AFAIK if you install the VAC

AFAIK if you install the VAC on your "remote server" (workstation, laptop, desktop, a.n. other server) then open the EV Powershell shortcut... you can run the powershell commands to control EV modes.
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