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EV9 - Exchange 2010 SP1 - no content in reports (report mode run)

Level 5


after already installing lots of EV8's , I now install my first EV9 system and encounter following issue:


EV server is EV9 on Windows server 2008 R2

Exchange server is Exchange 2010 SP1 on Windows 2008 R2

All prerequisites are installed following the installation guide. Deployment scanner gives no errors for Exchange archiving features.

I ran the provisioning task (one test user) => OK

I enabled the test user for archiving => OK 


When I try to run the Mailbox archiving task in Report mode for the first time (I always do as a test ...), the report file is created but remains empty.

a dtrace on mailbox archiving gives following error in the dtrace report file:


180 09:30:01.035 [2900] (ArchiveTask) <4892> EV:H :CArchivingAgent::ProcessUser() |Attempt to open the users message store resulted in failure with error message = MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER |This is because the mailbox does not exist. This often happens when processing utility accounts like site connectors, or when mailboxes have been deleted after a process mailbox message has been queued |

the mailbox  itself works fine, is not disabled nor hidden.

Did same test with another mailbox => same result

What can be the cause here? anyone same experience?


Thanks Rudy


Level 6

On the EV Server can you open the user's mailbox logged in as the Vault Service Account? If not then this may explain why archiving cannot access the user's mailbox to process items.

Level 5

Hi 'ArchivingCentral',


thanks for the tip!


I added the mailbox of my test user in Outlook on the EV server (logged on as EV service account).

And indeed, as you mention, I can see the added mailbox in Outlook but I can not expand anything.

Instead, a message is displayed:

"Cannot display the folder. Microsoft Office Outlook cannot access the specified folder location"  


Now, I already re-checked the pre-requisites (re-run new powershell commands for Exch2010, checked all rights needed for the EV account, re-run the deployment scanner, etc ...)

What do i miss here?



Level 6

If you cannot open the user's mailbox with the VSA then my first suspicion would be an "explicit deny" in the permissions on for the VSA.  Is the VSA a member of any admin groups, i.e. Domain Admin?

Level 6

It does sound as if the Vault Service Account has not got permissions to read the user's mailbox.  I would review these permissions again.  Remember it needs Send As and Receive As and theerfore must be able to see the mailbox to archive the messages. Something must be going wrong round this part I would say.

Level 5

Hi ,


I would like to share following info with all of you ...

I did some extra tests regarding the issue above. What I discovered is that my Vault service account was configured on the EV server with an outlook profile linked to the mailbox of the system mailbox account. In earlier versions of EV I always did it this way as I never created a mailbox for the VSA itself (no prerequisite).

This situation always worked fine, so no problem.

As an extra test, I changed the Outlook profile on the EV server so that it is linked to the mailbox of the VSA itself. (this mailbox is now mandatory in EV9 because of the throttling in Exch2010).

Once this Outlook profile is started on the EV server, everything seems to work fine. Report mode is now working  and I can also add and display a users' mailbox to the Outlook session on the EV server.

So, is this something that can be confirmed, please?


Kind regards,