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EV9 - No new items for public folder archiving?

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Hi there,

a customer have a problem that since a few weeks new items in public folder will not be archived. When I run the archiving task in report mode it shows me no items to archive. How can I troubleshoot this issue? When I start Outlook with EV System Mailbox I cant see the Public Folders (permissions were not changed so I dont think there are any folderpermissions necessary or?)

Kind regards


Level 3
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customer changed the permissions to owner für all public folders but nothing changed (still no items to archiv in reports).

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Just so that you know it's nothing something odd with 10.0.3 :



And this is a new PF, with new items copied to it, and then the new PF task run against it with a 0 day policy:


Not sure whether this has been asked already ...

- What version of Exchange is this?

- Is there any replica PF's involved or is this a non-replicated public folder?

- If you create an Outlook profile for the Vault Service Account on the EV server, and open Outlook, can you browse to your PF target, and open items?

- What sort of permissions does the Vault Service Account have on the top level of the PF hierarchy?  For me, using Exchange 2003, I have to check this with Exchange System Manager on the EV server.  [And my Vault Service Account has full control]

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