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EV9 The item could not be downloaded [OIOM] on Citrix

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Hello everyone,

We use EV 9.01 in combination with Outlook 2003 clients. Our environment is a mixed fat / thin client, with the thin clients connecting to Citrix / Powerfuse.

All of our fat clients have no problem opening attachments from archived messages, but on our citrix client we receive the dreaded error:

"The item could not be downloaded. [OIOM]".

We receive these errors both when opening the shortcut in Outlook and when opening an item through the Archive explorer.


Does anybody have a clue what I'm doing wrong?


Level 4
Partner Accredited

It turns out that Powerfuse was indeed the culprit.

Within Powerfuse you can specify which application is allowed to make changes where. This is why my command prompt (cmd.exe) was able to read/write on the %TEMP% location, but the Outlook application (outlook.exe) was blocked to write to %TEMP%. In Powerfuse this is called Read-Only blanketing.

We created a rule that allowed Outlook.exe to create files in %TEMP% and we have full Vault functionality again!

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Glad you got it sorted.

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